03 January 2008

This Blog is Moving

The paucity of posts today has a very simple explanation: I've been working on my new website over at www.gavinwhenman.com. Yes, that's right, I'm so vain I've even set up a site using my name as the domain.

I'll put up a placeholder tomorrow directing people to the new site, but after three and a half years, this post will be the last proper one written for the Whiskey Priest (I'm also dropping the moniker, as I've never really been a massive fan of it) as this blog will from now be hosted at www.gavinwhenman.com, so please adjust your bookmarks / feed subscriptions. The full archive of posts from the Whiskey Priest will be available on the new site (following a successful, but nail-biting, migration earlier today) and not much will change content-wise, I just felt it was time to move over to the big-boys world and host my own blog - Wordpress allows me much more control over how the site looks and what I can put on there.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

PS. Cheers to Iain Dale for linking to this post on Nick Clegg's new nickname - very much appreciated.

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