07 December 2007

Under This Government - Brown Misleads the House of Commons

At Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday, Gordon Brown made this rather astonishing claim:

"Crime is down by 30 per cent. under this Government. Burglary is down by 55 per cent.; violent crime is down by 31 per cent. and there are 4.5 million fewer victims of crime as a result of the changes. We have more police than ever before. We have built 20,000 prison places, and we are about to announce that we are building more. We can do it because we run a successful economy; it is not the failed economy that we inherited from the Conservatives."

Um.... Small problem there. When Tony Blair stood down as Prime Minister and Gordon Brown accepted an invitation from the Queen to replace him, a new Government was formed. So, unless Mr Brown is claiming that crime has gone down by 30% and 20,000 prison places have been built in the last six months, he's going to need to make an apology to the House of Commons fairly sharpish for misleading them, as well as a clarification as to why he thinks Tony Blair's administration was a Conservative one.

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