12 December 2007

Oops - Brown Misleads the House of Commons Again

Today's PMQs, aside from a cutting remark by Vince Cable (well done that man), also featured yet another misleading statement from our Right Honourable Prime Minister:

The Prime Minister:... On pensions, this Government have brought in the winter allowance, and that is why millions of pensioners are getting the winter allowance this Christmas.

The Winter Fuel Payments were introduced in 1998 (I believe), so the PM has made the same snafu as he did last week, Mr Brown is claiming that his Government is the same as Mr Blair's. To reiterate what I said then, when Tony Blair stood down as Prime Minister and Gordon Brown accepted an invitation from the Queen to replace him, a new Government was formed.

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Charlotte Gore said...

So much for being 'the change' that people want. He's stuck between a rock and a hard place. He can't bemoan 10 years of 'Blairite misrule' and he's got nothing positive he can attribute to his own government... he's pretty much forced to try taking credit for what's gone before.

Ha! :P