18 December 2007

The New Lib Dem Front Page

A welcome change, but is it permanent? Because I certainly hope that this design for the Lib Dem party front page, which has only gone up in the last hour and a half, sticks around:

Very Web 2.0 and certainly more attention grabbing than the previous offering, which can still be viewed here.

PS. Free punch in the face to the first person who cracks the joke "A welcome change, but is it permanent? Nick Clegg".


Ed said...

Nice design but 'stifling two party system' is an awful phrase. Our ambition should be to change people's lives for the better and we should be capturing that not talking about party systems.

Gavin Whenman said...

It's now been changed to:
"With renewed ambition we will reach out to the millions who share our values but have not yet voted for us."
So perhaps they (belatedly) realised this phrase could be read negatively.