05 December 2007

A Liberal, but Tough, Case to Stand Up For

As I've mentioned before, section 64 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill will make it an offence to possess an "extreme pornographic image" not just in the cases (rightly) where the persons in the photograph have not consented to the act, but also (wrongly) where they have consented.

Iain Roberts on LibDemVoice has been asking whether our MPs are going to be opposing this legislation and as David Heath MP writes in the comments (and I was already aware of), they, by and large (with probably at least one exception), are.

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Tristan said...

On liberty grounds there is no case to make.
There is also no utilitarian argument - since the evidence is pointing towards such material being used as a release leading to less crime, not more as the government claims (See Tim Worstall on this subject).

The main reason I think for this is puritanism and moral authoritarianism.