21 November 2007

This is all your fault, Darling

The morning after the 3.30pm statement before, I'm still flabbergasted by this single paragraph:

"Two password protected discs containing a full copy of HMRC's entire data in relation to the payment of child benefit was sent to the NAO, by HMRC's internal post system operated by the courier TNT. The package was not recorded or registered. It appears the data has failed to reach the addressee in the NAO."

(from Political Betting)

But perhaps I should be more astonished that it took 10 days for the Chancellor to make a public statement about the fiasco, and three weeks for him to even be told. This is hardly conducive to identity and bank security is it? The public needed to be informed the moment this happened, so they could take the necessary steps to protect themselves.

(via Iain Dale, photo credit: JamieD)

A quick tip for HMRC staff who want to transfer data in the future - don't move the data physically off your computers, but send them over this marvellous technology the rest of us use every day. It's called the internet.

PS. Apologies to Blackadder for the post title.

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Arwen Folkes said...

I don't even want my data sending over the internet ... what the hell does the Audit Office need all my information for anyway ... ok, perhaps the amount I am paid, but my bank details? My childrens ages? My national insurance number?

I have not been this cross since ... I just can't remember when. If I were in London I'd be outside WM with a banner.