08 November 2007

Selling the KKK

I'm worried that this range of Ku Klux Klan clothing isn't selling as well as they could, so I hope they don't mind that I've put together a bit of copy for them to try out in their next round of advertising:

Afraid you're not projecting the correct mix of hatred and racial purity to mark yourself out as a winner in the evolutionary race? Worried that you're neighbours and colleagues see you as a friend of the black man? Then buy yourself a piece of stylish KKK clothing. Kit out the whole family, from ages 3 months (for the baby racist) to 300 years (for the grandpa that can't count). Buy now and receive a free pitchfork.

For when you really want
to ramp up the Nazi symbolism.

Or all us right-on liberals could buy them in a fit of post-modern irony:

"Ooo, Stefan, look at this post-modern ironic T-shirt I bought yesterday from a Christian website. It's so taboo, but it's ok because I love black people. Word up, nigger."


Tristan said...

I think the glowing model of a Klansman I saw somewhere was the best.
KKK Kitsch (KKKK!)

Ain Soph Aur said...

love it!

I searched for fun kkk outfits for the whole family and your blog showed up.

Keep on truckin'