08 November 2007

Just want to ask you a few security questions

Call from the Halifax today:

Call centre: I just want to ask you a few security questions, is that ok? What's your date of birth?

No, no that is not fucking ok. You called me. The onus is on you to prove who you are, not the other way around. If you're so confident that the number you have dialled is for me, you shouldn't be asking any questions - otherwise, don't call the fucking number. How moronic do you have to be to think it's acceptable to call someone demanding to know vital personal security details about them?


Anders said...

I've thought exactly the same thing. I get calls every so often from the Co-op Bank who ask if I have a few minutes spare to talk to them and then ask me to prove who I am. I thought it was just them as I already know that their customer service is appalling, but clearly not.

Given that they are always calling me about the same thing (do I want to change a regular payment I make in to a standing order) I should tell them to get lost.

Charlotte Gore said...

You did right. This sort of practice is out of order. They've done it to me too and I told the the same thing.

Joe Otten said...

Yeah I get it too. I generally tick them off for encouraging people to give away this information to cold callers.