17 November 2007

Huhne - A Great Communicator?

Continuing my run of pissing on the tent from the outside...

Remember when I discussed the leadership candidates' websites so very long ago (ok, last month) and I criticised just how green the site is. Well, he's continued it with his leaflets - hey, at least he is being consistent.

But that's not the reason I'm blogging, this is:

I've been staring at this for the past day, and I can't quite pin down exactly why, but this isn't the right way to phrase the message he is trying to get across. When he is claiming to be a "great communicator" (I agree) in the same sentence, this is worrying. I suggest this is the correct way to have put the message:

"Chris is a great communicator - for example, the way he got the Lib Dem message across so successfully as Environment Spokesperson [or 'Shadow Environment Secretary']"

But even this doesn't seem 100% satisfactory.

Issue not being discussed today: Huhne and Clegg's performance on Question Time. Only just watching it now.


Maggie Bob said...

Oh, a grammar conversation!

How about:

"Chris is a great communicator - as proven by his success in conveying the Lib Dem message as Environment Spokesperson"

Hmmm - tricky...

Paul Walter said...

Yes, it's missing a subordinate clause-thingy...or something like that. It should be "The way...proved how" or the other way round as above.

But then you could argue that hardly anyone speaks or understand truly grammatically correct English and that being a good cummunicator means speaking or writing in the sort of relaxed idiomatic language which normal people use. After all, Ann Widdecombe speaks grammatically perfect English. But is she a good communicator? Discuss.

Gavin Whenman said...

The point I was trying to make (and this is also in response to Jo's posting) is that just from a cursory glance at this sentence, it just didn't seem right - and when he is claiming in the same breath to be a great communicator, this is worrying.