13 November 2007

Court Censors Spanish Magazine

Via the BBC:

A court in Spain has convicted Manel Font de Vila, the editor of the popular satirical weekly magazine El Jueves, and cartoonist "Guillermo" of "damaging the prestige of the crown".

Both men received a hefty 3,600-euro (£2,539) fine.

Their offence was to have published a cartoon last July making ribald fun of the heir to the Spanish throne, and of the government's scheme to encourage women to have more babies by giving mothers a special payment for each new birth.

Obviously a shocking curtailment of press freedom, but thank god for the internet, as the cartoon lives on:

The prince is saying, "Do you realise that if you get pregnant, it will be the closest thing to work I've done in my life?"

Thankfully, no such action could take place here if someone ran a cartoon of Charles flogging Camilla - the defendants would surely have the reasonable excuse that the Crown in this country is already pretty damaged.

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