18 November 2007

Chris2Win by stomping on the still beating heart of Clegg whilst gouging out the eyes of our dearly departed leader, Ming

Thank you Norfolk Blogger, thank you:

Anyone else wondering why Chris Huhne had his banner photo taken in a stable? Maybe those are hooves he is standing on, who knows... Can you get flip-flops for horses?

Interrupting that wildly divergent line of thinking - the ambush on the BBC Politics Show this afternoon: worth a giggle wasn't it. Sorry I'm not taking it too seriously like some, but you've got to appreciate it for what it is - a massive cock up the stretched arsehole of his campaign. No doubt people will use this to claim we're a nasty bunch of people (hence the headline), but we're not really - when you lose as much as we do, you've got to have a cheery spirit. Oh yes, Huhne's apologised here.


Joe Taylor said...

I have just spluttered very Britishly into my tea upon reading the - um - creative use of metaphor in your last paragraph!

Not very Parliamentary language, but certainly got a belly laugh from me...

Maggie Bob said...

Mind you, at least it brought the election further up the news schedule!