03 September 2007

Tech Tip-Tastic

Wakoopa might be of interest to fellow bloggers. It installs a tiny application* on your computer that tracks the applications you use and can then display them on your blog. For those of you worried about privacy implications, it tracks only the apps, not what you are doing inside them.

*Seriously tiny, it takes up barely any system resources at all.


Tristan said...

Ah, but as a paranoid geek I don't even want that info leaked. It can give away too much info...

(it is rather amusing that your number 10 piece of software is Microsoft Application Error Reporting though)

Gavin Whenman said...

... And that's especially annoying because nothing has actually gone wrong with my system, it's just every time I close Firefox the error reporting dialogue comes up saying "Firefox has closed unexpectedly"!