12 September 2007

Serially Out of Touch

I support the EU. I really do. It has been immeasurably good for this country. But, alas, it has its niggles. Too many decisions are taken behind closed doors, 27 Commissioners is too many and some decisions are taken at EU level which should really be left to national or local government ("the subsidiarity principle"). Which is why I welcome the new EU treaty, which, if the spin is to be believed, will solve these and other problems (although not the CAP, regrettably).

However, any EU treaty necessarily involves the transfer of power from one part of our constitution (usually Parliament) to another (the EU, whether the EU Parliament, Commission, Council of Ministers or some combination of the three). For this reason, all EU treaties should be approved by the people in a referendum. The people should have the right to decide where power exercised in their name is exercised.

So I'm dismayed to discover that the leader of the party which I support, the Liberal Democrats, has rejected the notion of a referendum on the upcoming EU treaty. Well done Ming. Both misjudging the mood of the electorate, as well as the mood of the party (according to LibDemVoice) - no wonder the polls are so low for us at the moment.

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