26 September 2007

My Apologies

I wrote earlier today that the "mass media" (an unspecific and largely unhelpful term, I admit) have failed to question whether Gordon Brown, as Prime Minister, should have the right to call an early election. My sincerest apologies must therefore go to Mr Jonathan Freedland who, in an article in today's Guardian, does indeed question the current state of affairs:
"The absurdity that the timing of our elections is in the hands of the prime minister has to end. It doesn't just destabilise our politics; it is grotesquely unfair. British elections are running races in which one of the contestants gets to fire the starting gun. So when Gordon Brown finally names the date, let him also vow to be the last prime minister to exercise that privilege. Let's give our parliaments fixed terms - and end this guessing game once and for all."
He unfortunately waits until the very last paragraph of his 1256 word article to make this point, however. Still, can't have everything can you.

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