13 September 2007

Labour Retains Saatchi and Saatchi

Assuming a four year cycle*, this is coming about two years early. Another sign that an election is imminent or just Labour being good Scouts?

PS. Saatchi and Saatchi won the account with this:

So that's "vote for us, he's boring" then.

Or is this a case of "Not Flash Gordon" trying to beat "Ming the less-than-Merciless"? What does this make Cameron?

* Although it can legally be five years.

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Hywel said...

Flash Gordon (in the movie) was played by an actor who was notoriously bad and is rumoured to have had all his lines overdubbed by another actor afterwards.

Ming the Merciless was played by a highly regarded and award winning actor.

There is of course no relation between this and current British politics :-)