25 August 2007

Second Life

My advice to anyone wants to login to this virtual world - don't. A mere seven hours since installing it, the application is clean off my hard drive. The only reason it lasted that long is because I couldn't be bothered to uninstall it after the first 30 minutes.


lucrezia said...

But why? Did the software cause problems? Did you just not find SL worth your time? There are lots of folks in the UK Higher Ed sector who are becoming interested in the idea of using SL in an educational context, and it's helpful to know why students would or wouldn't be attracted to it as a venue.

Gavin Whenman said...

Hi Lucrezia, thanks for posting to the site. I've replied to you on this post - http://oberon2001.blogspot.com/2007/08/more-on-second-life.html

I was going to just reply here, but it ended up being so long that I put it into a full post. I'm happy to answer any questions on this and would highly not recommend using Second Life in an educational context (or any context for that matter!).