02 August 2007

Leaning to the Right

Not personally and politically, you understand, but definitely in the blogs that I read on a daily basis - Iain Dale, Caroline Hunt, Guido Fawkes, A Very British Dude: all right-wingers of varying hues. I gaze sometimes over LibDemBlogs and LibDemVoice, but there's an element of preaching to the converted when I read them, which dampens my enjoyment - although occasionally a true gem will pop up which challenges and engages me, and so keeps me coming back.

Why are my reading habits so Tory bias? Well, it is as Steve Richards observes today in The Independent:

Probably part of the reason for the blogging hyperactivity on the right is the current turmoil in the Conservative Party. When a party seeks a new sense of direction after three election defeats there is scope for endless debate, heightened by fleeting moments of fuming anger and joyful euphoria.

Presumably in the late Seventies and and early Eighties, there would have been addictive blogs putting the case for Tony Benn. They would have been countered perhaps by must-read sites from those heading for the SDP. I guess left-of-centre bloggers would have flourished when Labour was overwhelmed by civil war. Now Labour is more settled and will be thrown into blog paradise/crisis only if it loses the next election.

Although this isn't the whole story for me - I like to be challenged, I like to read viewpoints that are not my own and respond to them - and the majority of liberal blogs out there at the moment can't offer that. This is probably inevitable, as being of the same political persuasion, we'll agree on most things (or at least more than I would agree with a Labour or Tory supporter).

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Jackart said...

The right is right an all issues. You know this in your heart, You just haven't come to terms with the fact that all problems are caused by the left and centre of politics and all solutions are on the right.

Psychologists call this "denial"

Thanks for the endorsement by the way. We must have a beer next time I'm in Reading.

Richard Holloway said...

Jackart's right, you're just a soft Tory deep down... Once Minger's lost you those 20 MPs the Lib Dems have spent the last 20 year's getting you'll see the light...