27 August 2007

But committed no crime

Liberal Legend II draws my attention to the case of Yuan Weijing, detained at Beijing Airport and her passport revoked when she attempted to travel to the Philippines to collect a human rights award on behalf of her husband, Prisoner of Conscience, Chen Guangcheng. Had she committed a crime? Well, no, but that matters not to the One Party State that has embraced a capitalist economy (hooray) whilst retaining a communist political structure, with all the individual suppression that it entails.

If I were a more thoughtful and knowledgeable person I would ruminate here upon whether it is wise to engage with China in the hope that such engagement will lead to political reform. But I'm not, so I will leave it up to you as to whether we should.

It also turns out that my blog isn't available in China. You can check if yours is here.

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