02 July 2007

My First 18 Doughty Street Viewing

Just been watching 18 Doughty Street for the first time (properly) since it launched, and I have to say, I was impressed. The production values were not too shabby - I've seen worse on some of the more obscure digital TV stations*, the video streamed well for the whole three hours I watched and, much more importantly, considered views from some "real" (albeit politically aware) people, rather than the usual talking heads I see on the mainstream media.

Blogger TV, in particular, was interesting: two refreshingly young faces talking sensibly about politics, Will Howells of No Geek is an Island and Caroline Hunt.

It was disappointing to see so many Conservatives on the programmes (and no Labour supporters at all!), but then 18 Doughty Street is largely run and funded by right-leaning individuals so maybe I shouldn't complain and be grateful that at least one Liberal Democrat made it on. To be fair, the conservatives on the programmes did have a sufficient diversity of views to keep it interesting - one of them used the "because we're falliable" reason for not extending dentention periods (brilliant).

... And my (in hindsight, rather pompous) email even got on the air :-D

* Legal TV springs to mind here.

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Iain Dale said...

Thanks for the feedback. The Tory sofa last night was unusual, but we were let down by two guests pulling out at the last minute.

Tonight it will be a Tory free zone (apart from me!).