25 July 2007

Finding a Consensus

The Government has announced it will be pushing for a 56 day limit on criminal detention in an attempt to find a "consensus" on this matter. This might strike some as odd, as two years ago, a consensus was reached, but of course, it wasn't the consensus that the Government wanted and so it must be revisited.

Cleverly, rather than going for 90 days all over again, the Government is pushing for the half way mark - 56 days - which probably just means that in another two years they'll push for 90 days after spreading it around that they really wanted 120.

I can't be bothered to go through all the arguments against this ludicrous plan against, so here's what I've written before and what Sir Menzies Campbell had to say about it earlier today (about half way down this page). Don't agree with me? Or simply want an opposing (liberal) view? The Norfolk Blogger gives it.

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