23 January 2007

It's Not That I'm Proud

Email received today from the head of Junction11, the student radio station my friend and I broadcast on once a week:
It was brought to my attention that your Monday show did not comply with the rules that we must follow as a broadcasting service.

Having listened to your show, I must stress that it contained several breaches of our licensing contract and was highly inappropriate in places. Sexual profanities and swearing are totally unacceptable for a show that broadcasts in the middle of the afternoon. Our training meetings in the first week of term specifically addressed the rules we must adhere to, and as a station we have done our best to ensure that every presenter is made aware of these regulations. If you feel that you require training regarding any aspect of your show, please contact our Head of Training.

I must emphasise that the criticism of Junction11 music and equipment is also unacceptable. I am aware of the email that was sent by a member of the exec regarding the poor attitude of certain presenters. This email was not approved by myself and so I apologise that the issue has not been dealt with as professionally as it should have been. I do, however, understand the frustrations of members of my team who are thoroughly dedicated to this station, putting in huge amounts of hard work, only to have their efforts criticised on air.

Due to your aforementioned conduct, I must stress that your tenure as a Junction11 presenter is currently under review. I hope that you will take on board the points I have made and use them constructively for your next show.
I can honestly say, hand on heart, I did not mean to get in "trouble" like this. Unfortunately, the "logs" site - where listeners used to be able to hear old shows - is now password protected.

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Andy said...

Have to say, if I'd received an email as pompous and up itself as that one, I'd have told them where they could stick their station. Probably on air.