09 January 2007

How It Works

Presenter (solemnly): Prince William's girlfriend, Kate Middleton, has been pursued relentlessly by photographers and the tabloid media in renewed speculation that the couple will soon announce their engagement.

[Cut to footage of Ms Middleton walking down the street]

Presenter (V/O): The site of the heir to the throne's partner being followed by the paparazzi recalls image of the late Princess Diana.

[Cut to long-lens shot of Ms Middleton shopping]

Presenter: And some are voicing concerns that there has been a gross invasion of her privacy.

[Cut to Ms Middleton leaving a nightclub]

Presenter: Let's hope that it doesn't end the same way.

[Cut to Ms Middleton taking a dump, surrounded by photographers]

Inspired by the BBC News coverage this afternoon.

1 comment:

Will said...

I would like 10 policeman to protect me when I'm out clubbing too.