24 January 2006

It Had to Happen

After this post (and the comments I subsequently left on it), Dave Lewis, President of Reading University Students' Union, has made a complaint against me for bullying.

Not saying anything, but... Oh yeah?!?

19 January 2006

A Victory for Democracy

After this fiasco, where the paper I edit was shut down because we refused to remove something contravening Union policy, Reading University Students' Union Council* today passed a new Constitution and Regulations. Along with abolishing Student Council and placing more powers in the hands of fewer students (the number of student executive members has gone down from 12 to 9), they've also made Spark completely answerable to them with effect from the end of this term.
They even have the cheek to claim that this is in the interests of democracy. Quite what withdrawing the right to free speech has to do with democracy is beyond me, but they've got their own way despite my protests, so I am seriously considering my position.

So, to make it absolutely clear, the following people are what can only be described as enemies of free speech and should never hold elected office:
If you see them, shoot to kill

And to the twat that wrote this:
" If you're looking to take a long, beautiful drive through life, you might not want to take the cynic view."
Stop the optimism crap and face the facts, life is shit. People are only out there to screw you over. Fact. Don't believe anyone that talks about democracy, the public good or "doing the right thing" because they are out there for just one person, and that's themselves.

*Membership: 20, out of 17,000 students

13 January 2006

Absolutely Tasteless

What a dreadful insinuation:

Via Recess Monkey

10 January 2006

My Intern's Eyes

"My Intern's Eyes" is the name of the series premiere of Scrubs Season 5 and I watched it last night (totally legally), and to be honest, I feel cheated. Whilst it was a good, funny episode, I couldn't shake the feeling I've seen it before.

JD is still being tormented by the Janitor, Cox is still giving JD a new lesson every week and Elliot is still socially awkward. This show seriously needs some new ideas and (probably) writers, otherwise it's at risk of becoming stale before the series ends. The only new storyline in this series is that Carla and Turk are trying for a baby, although it does provide a rich source of jokes.

See Also:

New "respect" plans

Nope, not more on George Galloway, but "New" Labour's latest policy initative. According to the BBC, the main measures are:
  • Consulting on idea of evicting nuisance families from their homes for three months
  • Police and councils to have to hold "face the people" sessions - with the public able to demand tougher action
  • More use of parenting orders and a new national parenting academy to train officials on giving advice
  • Youth opportunity cards giving discounts on activities for youngsters doing voluntary work
  • New nationwide non-emergency telephone number to make it easier to report nuisance behaviour

No respect

Fiver says Gordon Brown applies to evict his nuisance family within the year, probably on the nationwide telephone number for the terminally bored.
Still, at least all this makes the Daily Mail happy.

08 January 2006

How Charles Kennedy Sees the World

God this is a cheap shot.

05 January 2006

No Shit Sherlock No 9845

Charles Kennedy, (current) leader of the Liberal Democrats and all round nice bloke, has admitted to have a drinking problem.

Ginger Ale

Watch out for revelations that the Pope is a Catholic and guns kill people.

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03 January 2006


Seen in the Evening Standard today:

The Home Office has launched an official inquiry into allegations of corruption at Lunar House in Croydon after a former administration officer claimed women were helped to stay in the UK in return for sex.
Whistleblow Anthony Pamnani, 23, said he quit in disgust after four years.