11 September 2006

The Voice of the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats have a new place to talk, LibDem Voice.

The site has been created by Rob Fenwick to:
"ensure that people who don’t subscribe to CIX*, or Lib Dem News, have an idea of what's going on in the party, and can talk about it."
There's an interesting poll up at the moment showing that fellow blogger Lynne Featherstone MP might have enough support to run for the party Presidency... Or not, 'cause at the time of writing only 47 people have voted**.

There's also Liberal Review, although the front page links haven't been updated properly in a while.

* No, I don't know what this is either.
** About half the party.


Alex Wilcock said...

CIX - now called something else officially, but everyone still calls it CIX - is a service provider that provides e-mail and secure(ish) group messaging facilies. It's been used by Liberal Democrats for many years, and long before the Internet became fashionable; I signed up to it for a while, but decided paying a subscription to an ISP that I only used for (often) tedious Lib Dem arguments and where I had to pay for phone use on top really wasn't worth it. No doubt people who used it much more than I ever did can give a better explanation, but that's roughly it.

With luck, Lib Dem Voice will provide similar security and a similar group atmosphere, but without the technical exclusivity.

Will said...

I've been a Cixen man and boy, and significantly longer than I've been a party member (although even when I joined, back in 1995, the LibDems were well-ingrained).

It grew out of a bulletin board style service. Back in the days of expensive dialup internet access, its key innovation was an "off-line reader", which allowed users to connect, download a batch of messages, and then read them at their leisure without growing their phone bill. You wrote replies, and then posted them all in a matter of seconds when next connected.

It was a great system and a great community, but with the advent of broadband its popularity has seriously waned.