26 September 2006

Oh, Come On!

It's not often that I take Labour's side, but this morning the majority of newspapers are running not Gordon Brown's conference speech, but the unverified, denied and unrecorded comment Cherie Blair made during it.

Cherie L. Bandit

The mass media need to stop focussing on gossip like this. They defend it as the "human interest angle", which they claim sells more papers. But they should be looking at the real issues that matter to ordinary people. Sometimes this will mean comparing personalities (Cameron vs Brown, for example, or even Brown vs Blair), but this kind of playground tittle-tattle is interesting only to those in the Westminster Village.

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Will said...

I saw that Gordon Brown the other. I could have sworn I heard him mutter that he'd once killed a man. So it must be true.

diana_seavill said...

Tittle tattle is what your country thrives on.

Diana Seavill