31 August 2006

Sandra Gidley and Violent Pornography

Following on from last night's post on Liz Longhurst's successful campaign to ban violent pornography, I've written to Sandra Gidley, a LibDem MP who supported the campaign:
Dear Ms Gidley,

I read with interest your support for Liz Longhurst's campaign for a ban on violent pornography and the quote which appeared on the BBC News website:

"It's absolutely the right decision. The scandal is it's taken so long to come to this decision. You cannot look at this sort of material and not be affected."

I've met and interviewed Liz Longhurst and can understand that you feel empathy for what happened to her daughter. She is a strong, articulate lady who tells a haunting story and campaigns vigorously for the outlawing of what she perceives to be the cause of her daughter's death. Unfortunately, banning violent pornography will not cause a fall in this country's murder rate and it will infringe on a person's basic liberty to do what he wants, when he wants without undue interference.

Many people watch violent pornography who do not go out and kill others. Those that do commit murder do it for some other underlying reason and we should be seeking to identify and tackle that, otherwise violent murders will continue.

Yours Sincerely,

Gavin Whenman


Tony Ferguson said...

Well done

Will said...

There's more discussion on the BBC News site, where the commenters are, on the whole, surprisingly sensible.