02 August 2006

A Letter to a Straw Man

As the Jack Straw pledge was successful, I've sent the following letter:
Dear Mr Straw,

I'm writing with regard to your comments in the House of Commons on 20 July 2006 (HC Deb. Col. 461) in which you criticised MPs' researchers for submitting frivolous Parliamentary Questions to "prove a point" and the website TheyWorkForYou.com for encouraging this.

I am surprised that you have chosen TheyWorkForYou.com as a target of attack, as it provides a valuable public service which wouldn't exist if the Parliament.uk site was more accessible.

TheyWorkForYou.com is careful to include disclaimers about the figures they use on their website. The main purpose of the site is to provide the public with accessible information about what their MPs are doing and saying in their name. They are always looking at ways to improve the statistics they have and are holding a public consultation on the subject, which includes a public meeting on 7th November which I encourage you to attend.


Gavin Whenman

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James said...

Everyone else's letters are much more pithy and to the point than mine! :(