20 July 2006

That Frenzy in Full

Two weeks ago, I posted a brief entry on John Prescott, suggesting he would never leave. It is believed that today the Parliamentary Commissioner, Sir Philip Mawer, will "mildly rebuke" Mr Prescott for not declaring his stay at Philip Anschutz's Colorado ranch.

I love this cartoon

I can't help but feel sorry for Mr Prescott and feel that he has been caught up in an over-hyped media frenzy. Let's look at this objectively and ask overselves what did he do:
  • He stayed at the ranch of someone he knew
  • At the time, this person was trying to obtain a licence from the UK Government to run a casino at a property he owned
  • Under section 7 of the Gambling Act 2005 the Secretary of State shall designate casinos.
  • John Prescott is Deputy Prime Minister, not the relevant Secretary of State.
  • He failed to declare the stay at the ranch.
So, he hasn't actually done anything illegal, but he has been slightly forgetful (or wrong on what he should declare). There is no evidence he has influenced the Dome situation, yet still the press are going after him: probably because they are upset they couldn't force his resignation over the Tracy Temple affair*. Please, people, a little perspective here... go after Lord Levy and Tony Blair, they are much more corrupt.

* Because heaven forbid a politician should have basic human carnal desires.


Tristan said...

I was under the impression that the ODPM was at that time responsible for some decisions relating to it.
By virtue of being Deputy PM he has influence and power.

Also, he is a sexual predator. If he was not in a position of power he'd have had an ASBO slapped on him sooner that he could pinch a woman's bum.

Add to that his crass hypocrisy: He'd have viciously attacked a Tory for doing what he did when they were in government.

Granted, Levy and Blair are more corrupt though, and Prescott is being used to divert attention.

Bernie Hughes said...

Prescott is just a stooge, and is proving very handy at diverting attention from the real problems the government. But I don't think Blair is above sacking him when he judges the time right e.g. when Plod comes calling at 10 Downing St to ask about the Cash for Gongs scandle.