13 July 2006

Taking Power

Via Adam Teladia*, comes this:

"The Liberal Democrats are allowing you to have your say about the analysis and recommendations of the POWER inquiry.

The results of the Power Inquiry were welcomed by politicians of all the major political parties when the commission published them in February 2006 however the Liberal Democrats would now like to know what others think of them.

Taking Power is open to all, whatever your political views. Every individual, as well as school or college group, is welcome to contribute and to exchange ideas on ways in which citizens in this country can regain power.

The Taking Power conference is being organised by a volunteer team led by Paul Tyler, a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords who while MP for North Cornwall from 1992-2005 served as Liberal Democrat Chief Whip, Shadow Leader of the House and was a member of the Joint Committee on House of Lords Reform and the Select Committee on House of Commons Modernisation.

The “Virtual Conference” will take place between Friday 8th September and Friday 6th October. The conference will take place on the internet. It is timed so that there can also be real world events during the party conference season to tie into the online discussion.

For more information visit http://www.takingpower.org/"
Well, I've signed up.

* Top guy.

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Gentleman-hobbs said...

Perhaps the Lib Dems should have a shot at running the country. They have some good ideas, most of which have been hijacked and bastardised by the other parties. Bring on proportional representation I say.