18 July 2006

No Justice

In a statement yesterday the Crown Prosecution Service said it will not prosecute any individuals for the shooting of Jean Charles De Menezes due to "insufficient evidence".

Right, 'cause the officers involved only loaded seven bullets into his head and one into his shoulder. They've all confessed they did it and thus there is no evidence.

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PS. Definitions of "whitewash" on a postcard, c/o Sir Ian Blair.


Tristan said...

In my non-legal mind I think there's also a case against Ian Blair for attempting to pervert the course of justice with all the misinformation and attempts at justification and non-cooperation.

geeklawyer said...

I'm with Tristan on this. The very least thats needed is an enquiry into it and there is an arguable (though if I'm honest weak) case to that effect.