06 June 2006

United 93

I was apprehensive before seeing United 93, having heard the viewing experience was going to be uncomfortable due to the film's subject matter.
The film centres around the passengers on the only hijacked flight on 11th September 2001 that didn't make it to it's target, United 93, and their uprising against those that hijacked the plane.

I wanted to see this film, but wasn't looking forward to it. Well, my apprehensiveness was warranted. The film is indeed uncomfortable to sit through, largely due to level of realism - the whole film was made on handheld camera, the director has a background making documentaries and some sequences were improvised.
Despite knowing the ending, there is a strange sort of tension throughout the film and I felt myself willing the hijackers to not take over the plane and then for the passengers to succeed in their revolt.
This film certainly isn't intended to be a factual account of what happened on the doomed flight, but does feel like it's what might happened and because of that, you won't want to this absorbing film twice.

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