20 June 2006

Thank you for Smoking Review

A couple of months ago I posted a link to the trailer for Thank you for Smoking and today I had the joy of seeing it, although only by chance did I discover it had been released here.

The film centres on Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for Big Tobacco and his fight to promote smoking to a hostile public. The tale is told with tongue firmly in-cheek and plenty of gimmicky devices used to push the story along (such as when Naylor's boss says "environmentalist" the word "pussy" appears on screen and the cartoon-ish introductions to the "MoD* squad" members).

That's a spokesperson for Big Tobacco
shaking the hands of a cancer sufferer

It's a big shame that the film hasn't received wider publicity, but go out and this film that has really slipped under the radar.

Also, don't go expecting any sugar coated ending, this film is deeply cynical.

* Merchants of Death

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