15 June 2006

Intellectual Somersaults

The Daily Politics today:
Andrew Neil: Why do Scottish MPs vote on legislation which doesn't apply to their constituency?
Blairite Scottish Labout MP: Just because something doesn't apply to Scotland, doesn't mean it doesn't affect Scotland [and therefore they should vote on these matters]
Ah, I see clearly now, so next time the House of Commons votes on tutition fees for foreign students, we should invite representatives from all over the world to vote too, because after all, it will affect them.
Or maybe there should be a separate English Parliament?

See Also:
  • The Guardian on the West Lothian Question: They argue that "English votes for English laws" would lead to the break up of the Union, which is bull. See USA, Spain, et al. We can have a federal structure in this country, it would just involve a major shake-up in our legislature and executive.

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