20 May 2006


New on Radio 4, Heresy:
David Baddiel presents the programme which dares to commit heresy. Panellists including Vicky Coren, Armando Ianucci, Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw argue that some of our most deeply held received opinions are plain wrong.

David Baddiel
In front of a studio audience, who will join in the debate, the panel will use their wit and wisdom to dispute some of the following assumptions, that tv is dumbing down, New Labour is all spin, that we are on the brink of environmental catastrophe, that Christmas has nothing to do with Christ anymore, that most food is bad for you (unless its organic), that pop culture promotes violence and that we should never negotiate with terrorists.
Don't let "David Baddiel" (without Frank Skinner) put you off, it's an interesting programme.


Will said...

Peter Bradshaw is pretty heretical anyway - if he gives a film 1 star, it's often not too bad...

dynamite said...

I think I'm in love with Vickie Coren.