24 January 2006

It Had to Happen

After this post (and the comments I subsequently left on it), Dave Lewis, President of Reading University Students' Union, has made a complaint against me for bullying.

Not saying anything, but... Oh yeah?!?


Jon C said...

I am not a student at your university, and have no information to go on except your blog with regards to this issue.

Frankly, your childishness and flat-out rudeness have done nothing to help your cause, and if I were a student at your university I would be actively encouraging Spark to remove you as editor.

I suggest you think again about your actions and consider growing up a bit.

PDT said...

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the situation, this raises a very worrying question: Are our weblogs not places where we can write what we want about who we want without fear of recrimination?

Dave actively sought out your blog and posted on it- It's your space, it's not in any way affiliated to Spark or the University. If there was going to be any disciplinary procedure, it should have been via the Blogspot team.

To be honest, I believe this issue should have been sorted by talking in person or by email; it's like running to the teacher saying "Gavin's calling me names"... It's petty and childish.

I personally think you were wrong in resorting to the namecalling that you did. But I'm also appalled that the President feels the need to respond in this way.

As I say; if we can't write about this sort of thing in weblogs, where can we write about it?

rednick said...

Seconding what Pete says really. It was a bit of a stupid thing to insult him like that, but I think we've all lost it at some point. The thought that you can't even do that in your own blog is worrying. Not sure that everything is as it seems either, fairly sure some people are using this to settle some old scores, and that is a shame.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that it wasnt just on the blog, it followed an email exchange

Gavin Whenman said...

No, I sent a copy of the response I put on here to Dave, "anonymous"

Anonymous said...

I was pointing out that unless people know the entire picture, they should mind their own business. Whatever the merits of Dave's case, people judging it on your story is terribly unfair.

Gavin Whenman said...

And so is banning me from the Union without a fair hearing.

Anonymous said...

I heared you got banned from the Union as you became violent and tired to attack a member of staff

Gavin Whenman said...

Lol, "Anonymous", that's a blatant lie and you know it.
1. Who is this member of staff?
2. When did this phantom attack occur?

Interestingly, "Anonymous"'s IP Address links him to the RUSU building.

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