29 October 2005


The rival to Spark, the student newspaper I've just become Editor of:

I thought it was funny anyway (and no, I didn't create it, I just picked it up in the Union building)

24 October 2005

Not Quite

Umm... Not quite Mr Clarke.

The Lion continues to roar

It's actually Parliament that tells Ministers what they can, not the other way round (Bill of Rights 1689)
Nice try though.

A National Education Service

A mere 20 years after Yes Prime Minister first proposed a form of it (and after many, many academics have pointed out the flaws in the current system), we have the National Education Service (in all but name) being proposed by Government.

Tony Blair (centre)

Let's just wait and see how watered down the Bill becomes before re-joicing however.

18 October 2005


So when are you retiring Mr Jones?

Bet it won't be at 65 eh?

Make Byers History takes a step forward

The campaign for the elimination of Stephen Byers (Make Byers History) takes a giant step forward as the Commons Speaker announces that MPs will get a chance to debate Mr Byers' misleading of a House of Commons Select Committee in 2001.

15 October 2005

Thatcher at 80

Surprised she didn't keel over from all the stabs in her back 15 years ago, but oh well.