27 July 2005


Via Will Howells, the ICIGSITBOTH intiative.
PS. It now seems he was shot eight times. Excessive force anyone?
PPS. Question: What would you do if 4 men in plain clothes were running towards you, asking you to stop and one of them was holding a gun?

24 July 2005

Make Byers History

In light of Stephen Byers utter contempt for Parliament and Parliament's subsequent failure to do anything about it, I have launched the "Make Byers History" campaign*, with the aim of getting Mr Byers expelled from Parliament (or at least told off).
The drive even comes with a pretty banner, look:

If you wish to upload the banner to your site, it can be found at http://www.geocities.com/gwhenman/Byers.JPG
*Charity Number non-existent

22 July 2005

Basic arithmetic

Add together Byers lying and contempt of Parliament and what do you get?
No more "Stephen Byers MP"?

Apparently not! Misleading Parliament doesn't seem to be the serious offence it once was, as Parliament goes is on recess from today and there has been no word from the Commons standards and privileges Committee on whether an inquiry will go ahead, despite opposition calls for an investigation.

5 shots?

Something about this isn't quite right.
5 shots into one person is... well... illegal! Especially after he was already incapacitated (being held down on the ground). Either the British Police force have become a bit too trigger happy, or this eyewitness isn't telling the whole truth.

17 July 2005

Scientific Research at its best

Definitely have to tell the girlfriend this.
Spread the good word people!

(Just wish the story was true)

07 July 2005

We will never surrender

A day I will never forget, as bombs rocked the North, West and East of Central London. Thankfully, none of my family and friends were caught in the blasts (although seeing Kings Cross as it was today bought a chill to my spine). My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones today.

Never give up, never surrender to those that wish to destroy our lives. The greatest thing we can do now, is to continue as normal, as best we can.