29 June 2005


Seems perfectly reasonable.
Naturally, Bush's two daughters, Jenna and Barbara, will be serving in Iraq soon.

13 June 2005

Batman Begins

Saw this film last Sunday (5th June), thought I should probably write a review:

Starring Christian Bale as the Dark Knight, Batman Begins tells the story of Batman's origins, from his childhood fear of bats to his training with Ra's Al Ghul and so unlike the previous four films, the focus is on Bruce Wayne/Batman, not the villians, although they are well realised, being firmly grounded in reality (even Cillian Murphy's Scarecrow), as is everything, from the Batmobile to Batman's fighting style. There is no wire work or balletic fighting in this movie, and it is all the better for it (see Daredevil for some awful fight sequences).
My only niggle is Batman's voice, it just doesn't work for me, being too gravely and obviously put on, but I guess that could be the point.
Admittedly this could be because of the cinema I saw it in, but this film is a true cinematic experience, you will not be disappointed (unless of course you are a total fan boy and want Batman Begins to completely follow the comics) and this film is one of just a few where the audience clapped at the end, all the more impressive as most present were press film critics.

Go see it, 16th June 2005.

For a better written review see Alex's site (under 'Writing')

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