24 May 2005

Basics in Boris

A typical Boris Johnson blog entry, you just can't beat 'em.
Any chance we can make him a national treasure?
PS. Yes, I know he is a Tory, but still, the guy is a legend.

14 May 2005

Not knowing when to quit

Ken Clarke, who has twice lost the race for the Tory leadership, is considering running again. Some people just don't the message do they?

PS. In other news, I'm not going to be on the LDYS Exec next, lost the race (got just 9 votes!). Fiddlesticks. Might run again next year though.

02 May 2005


As previously announced, I interviewed the Parliamentary candidate for the Monster Raving Looney Party in Wokingham, Topcat Bananaman. Here's an extract from the interview:

1. Education is a key issue for students. What does your party propose to do to improve educational prospects?

"Cambridge and Oxford will be relocated to Blackpool and Bognor Regis, leaving the other universities with a chance of bigger intake. We will also make free university tuition available to all students named Grant."
2. Crime has been a big problem recently in Reading, how do you plan to reduce crime?
"By every means possible."
3. What do you think your parties prospects are for the election?
"It’s important that we have an alternative party, not based on one specific policy, but with policies presented in a light-hearted manner covering all subjects. But winning the election is not the only prize. Humiliation at being beaten by a small party is a major factor. David Owen and the SDP were beaten into third place by Screaming Lord Sutch [the former Monster Raving Looney Party Leader] and led to their disbandment… I say – Vote for Insanity, you know it makes sense, vote Looney."
4. Describe Tony Blair in one sentence.
"Everybody hates him, he is a man with many adversaries. I like him."