25 February 2005

24 February 2005

Red Tart

Would you sleep with this woman?

PS. Yes, I know I'm not an oil painting.... but then neither is Peter Stringfellow.

13 February 2005

Advanced Maths

Tony Blair responds to a question about how many supporters he has.

10 February 2005

Jug Ears to Marry Horse

Prince Charles to Marry Camilla

Press Association


Clarence House have announced that the jug-earred prince is to marry a horse called Camilla.

It will not be the first time that a member of the Royal Family, or even Prince Charles, has married a farm-yard animal. In the early Eighties the Prince of Wales married a manipulative cow that went by the name of "Diana" (formerly "Diana of Panorama")

Following his recruit into the Army, it is believed Prince Harry will be dressing in his brown regimental outfit with magnificent Buddhist good luck symbol on the upper arm.

07 February 2005


No reason for posting this, other than it bought a smile to my face.

03 February 2005

Old Joke Alert

In the week Robert-Kilroy Silk launches his Veritas Party (and it is his party), I thought it was time to dust down the old Joke Book in an attempt to find an adequete way to describe this great man. So....

Robert Kilroy-Silk is rushed to hospital one day for an emergency circumcision. When on the operating table the surgeon is forced to stop the procedure. He turns to his colleagues and says "I can't circumcise this man, there's no end to this prick."

01 February 2005

London Underground

New to the blogroll, London Underground.