01 August 2005


An extra special post, written by Charles Clarke, MP*:

Those annoying protestors are at it again. Don't they understand that democracy is best facilitated by a total lack of public interference, in fact it's more efficient if there is a complete lack of any opposition at all. Hopefully, this new bill will stop both the public (although not Brian Haw... yet) and nuisance MPs from protesting anywhere near Parliament ever again.

Brian Haw. Bastard.

We hope in time to use the new powers under the
Serious Organised Crime and Police Act to prevent any dissent (or "democratic debate", as some future criminals are calling it) anywhere at all, ever.
From 2006, any MP voting against a Government Bill will be arrested and interrogated in Paddington Green Police Station. As part of our committment to fight terrorism, they may be shot eight times... In the head.
I am a lion, hear me roar,
Charles Clarke, MP.

*It's not really.

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