23 August 2005

The Dilemma of Gladys Hammond

The case of Gladys Hammond, whose body was robbed from its grave by people protesting against her son-in-law's part in animal testing, took an unfortunate turn today when her son-in-law, Christopher Law, confirmed that his farm is to stop breeding guinea pigs for medical research.

Gladys Hammond

Animal rights campaigners claim:
"... where animals are used each species responds differently to drugs and chemicals - therefore results from animal tests are unreliable as a means of predicting likely effects in humans."
(Source: National Anti-Vivisection Society)
Sounds fine to me and to some extent this is true. Naturally enough, the genetic difference between us and other animals is different and we will therefore react different ways to different drugs/medical procedures. However, animal research has in the past led to several benefits to both us and humans and so I would expect animal rights campaigners to refuse any treatment that came about due to animal research. To help them, here's a handy, cut out and print list of treatment they should refuse:
  • Insulin: Sorry, but if you've got diabetes, you can't take insulin. Tough break. Mmm... Sugar free sweets. Joy!
  • Kidney Dialysis: Unfortunately, it's urea poisoning for all those that can't go on dialysis whilst they wait for a transplant.
  • Artifical Pacemakers: Ouch, that's got to hurt. You've got a dodgy ticker and been told you can't get a pacemaker. You can't get a replacement heart valve either.
  • Leukaemia treatment: Don't feel down, you don't want animal research remember
  • And much, much more!
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Update 04/09/2005:


Alex said...

My thoughts exactly. Animal rights campaigners (that do this sort of thing) are nothing more than dirty, hypocritical terrorists. If they'd rather the research done on people, they should volunteer themselves. Idiots.

Anonymous said...

You dont have a clue alex. The animal rights campainers DONT WANT the reasearch done...so WHY should they volunteer themselves??? It seems like to want the research to continue though? So why dont you volunteer youself? You should, and so should all the other scientists who practise animal testing. If they are so uncertain about their theories that they will not test it on a human, then they should not be were they are. The only reason they WOULD do animal testing is because they KNOW their testing is unsafe and there is a high probablitiy of death. That is wrong in itself. Some humans think they are too special, some think we're the only think that their matters on this earth, and others thing that every other species is just here to meet our needs. Your one of those people, you rotten selfless pig. The world would really be better off without people like you, so fuck off,and hopefully you pay for your disgracefull ignorance one day. Why test things on DECENT, KIND, UNASSUMING creatures when there are shitheads like you around? And there are plenty more. Please do volunteer youself for some "animal testing", and when you come out of it, if you ever do, send me a postcard. You seem to think it'll be a lovely experience so id love to hear about it :P

TheCrow1 said...

Leukaemia-has Leukaemia been vanquished from us poor humanity?

Has diabetes been vanquished by insulin from us poor humanity?

I personally would and continuing to hope after 250 yrs of animal experimentation that all diseases would be vanquished forever,but there not,even new diseases with new names,with the same old ones proliferating.

I used to believe in animal experimentation(that was what i was taught by the tv,radio,tabloid media and the"medical experts")but that was until i read the works by author and medical historian,Hans Ruesch,there called,Slaughter of the innocent,Naked empress or the great medical fraud and 1000 doctors (and many more) against vivisection.
Hans Ruesch also used to run an organization called CIVIS(Centre For Scientific Information On Vivisection) which circulated CIVIS Foundation reports,the link to them is below.


Ironicly Mr Ruesch has been sued by animal rights guru Peter Singer because he called Singer "a big phoney" because Peter Singer's animal rights 1980s lecture tour in Italy was sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation(funders and promotors of animal experimentation through their drug,chemical,oil and media companies).The link to that info is in the above link.