31 August 2005

Animal Rights: The Response Part I

I emailed my blog entry on animal research to a few animal rights groups and here's one of the responses I received, from the Covance Campaign:
The Covance campaign do not encourage illegal activities or support the recent act of grave-digging. The media have carried on claiming that David Hall & Partners bred guinea-pigs for medical research, despite the fact some were sent to France to be used in cosmetics testing, whilst others were used to test pesticides, agro-chemicals and in warfare research.

Undercover footage was also taken of which showed the appalling conditions in which the guinea-pigs had to live. Many drugs tested on animals have been taken off the market as they caused side effects which killed and maimed people. Vioxx, tested on rodents, killed thousands, Viagra, tested on primates, killed over 100 people. Every year 100,000 people are killed by adverse drug reactions to medicines that were proven 'safe' on animals.

There are over 100 cures for Cancer in rodents, yet how many in humans? To find out more, visit: http://www.curedisease.net

A Covance Campaign Cartoon

And for the sake of posterity, here's my response:
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. There were a few assertions in your reply that I wish to challenge however.

You state that David Hall & Partners bred guinea-pigs not only for medical research, but also that some were sent to France to be used in agro-chemicals and in warfare research. I've tried to find proof of this, but with no luck. Perhaps you could help?

You are quite right that Viagra has killed some men that have used it. However "over 100" out of 23 million men prescribed the drug works out to a fatality rate of 1 in 230,000, a good statistic for any drug and men are made aware of the risks when prescribed the drug (with additional safety warnings contained in the drug box itself).
Source on prescription rates:

Vioxx has been prescribed to over 20 million people and the drug was voluntarily withdrawn in 2004 (although many state it should've been withdrawn much earlier). As you aware, a series of lawsuits are underway in the USA and I believe the drug should've been more thoroughly tested before being placed on the market.

Information on the various cures for cancer:
Tomorrow, a more patronising email I received from another animal rights group.

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