18 April 2005


In light of recent events, I hereby declare the Campaign for Real Comedy (or CAMRC) officially formed. It's aims are simple: the end of catchphrase comedy and the thorough support of comedy which has been written by those with more than 2 brain cells to wipe their arse with. Comedies which fall into the latter category:

Comedies which never should've aired (ever):
  • Little Britain
  • The Fast Show
Any contributions sincerely welcomed.
PS. Any resemblance to any campaigns living or dead is purely coincidental. Except this one.


Adam Nazir Ahmed said...

I like The Office, The Two Ronnies, Morecombe and Wise, Little Britain and The Fast Show but cant stand Simpsons and dont seem to get taken in much by Scrubs and Peter Kay.

phdmonkey said...

Yaay Office, Scrubs and Simpsons! Also don't be too hard on Little Britain; before it was flogged to death it was a decent show. Perhaps a Fawlty Towers approach (i.e. 12 episodes and nothing more) would have been more appropriate?