30 December 2004

Proud to be...

Number 1 search result for the word "Tosspots" on Google.

Escaped Figures

The Home Office has refused to reveal how many prisoners are currently at large with the claim it would be "too expensive to reveal". I suppose it would be quite silly of me to say "there's probably a list", but let's face it, there probably is. Or does this mean that the Government doesn't actually know who is at large?
So, the Home Office is either a) withholding important information from the public or b) not being as ruthlessly bureaucratic as we are lead to believe civil servants are. Serious questions need answering here.

15 December 2004


Am I the only one that's gonna miss him? Ok, he was a bit right wing (well a lot) but you always felt as if you were getting something approximating the truth from him. He pushed through laws that he believed in, even when they were unpopular (i.e. id cards, throughly mis-conceived, but anyway), but in the end he was destroyed by the Westminister Village.
PS. Anyone see his little face in his bowing out interview? He was actually on the verge of crying at one point. Genuinely moving.

05 December 2004


What's happened to Polidex?

01 December 2004

Increasing Inpatience

Rail fares are set to increase above inflation, with, once again, the justification being that if passengers want better services it is going to cost them money. So, the same old excuse we hear every year when rail fares increase above the rate of inflation.
PS. A search for rail fare increases on BBC News brings up 145 results (going back to 1998)