20 November 2004

Good Ol' George

You gotta love Google Ads sometimes.
On the official George Galloway website the top Google Ad is "Say Thanks to Tony Blair. Send a thank you note to the British for helping the USA in Iraq".
I must look up irony in the dictionary and see whether this fits.

18 November 2004

Hunt Ban

With the NHS in tatters, more British deaths in Iraq and the Tory Party still alive (just) Members of Parliament of both Houses spent the last day of the Parliamentary session debating the hunting bill. What a waste of time.
Makes me wish we lived in a dictatorship, it really does.

07 November 2004


A train has derailed between Newbury and Reading, killing 6 due to some bastard leaving a car on a level crossing. Wankers.

04 November 2004

What a suprise

OK, barely two weeks since they revealed their expenses to great public (well Press) outcry, who on Earth thought it was a good idea for MPs to vote themselves an allowance increase?
Loved Peter Hain's comments when he introduced the measure;

"They are essential if we are to function as effective MPs, both at Westminster and in our constituencies and all claims are within agreed rules"

01 November 2004

With baited breath

I wait with baited breath for the US election results tommorrow. Seeing exactly how the Republicans steal the White House this time round will be interesting.