27 September 2004


It's back.
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy is back (for its tertiary phase).
Listen to it at here.
Very cool and you may notice that they've incorporated the previous voice of the Guide (who has now passed on) into the new series.

18 September 2004

Waiting for my overdraft

Ok, I know I have a student bank account, I received the confirmation letter last friday. But for some reason, the card for it, which was posted last week, still hasn't come through.
On a similar note, why is it I'm not receiving mail until 11am/12pm?

14 September 2004

From Job Predictor:

"Gavin Whenman, Your ideal job is a Spinster with cats."

I hate cats.

Just plain ignored

I think I came across the man today who has the most futile job in London. He stands at the traffic lights between St Pancras Station and Kings Cross Station and, through a megaphone, orders commuters not to cross the road until the lights change to red. Quite what makes him think a single person will obey him is beyond me, for, without exception, the moment there is a break in the traffic, everyone crosses.
Still, seeing this guy today made by day.

13 September 2004

Russian Tales

Russia has criticised Western Countries for granting asylum to Chechen separatist figures, stating that the West should "not to interfere in Russian internal matters".
Naturally, all of this squares with President Putin's claim that the Chechen struggle for independence is part of the International "War on Terror".

12 September 2004

US Mourning

This week, America mourned the loss of a total of 1,000 troops in 18 months in Iraq and the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in which nearly 3000 died.
Naturally, little attention was given to the loss of a total of 10,000 Iraqis due to US forces actions since the invasion/liberation of Iraq, nor even was the press attention that focused this week on the loss of 50,000 in Sudan in a little over 6 months. As Joseph Stalin said "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic."
On a similar note, Channel 4 News interviewed Foreign Office Minister Chris Mullin on 9th September about Sudan and Colin Powells use of the word "genocide" in relation to the crisis in the region. Pressed on whether the UK considered genocide was occuring, Mr Mullin said "We ought not to get too bogged down in words." Erm... Actually, Mr Mullin, we should, for if we use the word genocide, we are legally obligated to act under the Geneva Conventions.

10 September 2004

Ad Nauseam

And so it goes on and on and on...

Naturally, neither side has realised (after almost 60 years of on-off fighting) that violence isn't the way forward in this situation. Palestinians bomb Israelis, Israelis bomb Palestinians and the road map to peace quietly seeks out retirement in Florida.

I don't know why I wrote this blog, I've got no particularly great point to make (except that both sides should resort to verbal negotiations), I just despair, I really do.

07 September 2004

Milburn and such

Alan Milburn is likely to make a return to government this week, 1 year after ("voluntarily") leaving it.
Mr Milburn's reason to leave Cabinet last year was in order to
"spend more time with his family". If he is now seeking a return, can we assume his family life isn't all that great?

"Yes you, prat at the back"
"No, I'm not the next Furher"
"Journalists taken to hospital after being concussed by Blair's BO"

There's a hero in all of us...

I need to get a hobby...

... so there you go.

AOL Radio

I think I spend too much time on my computer (look, I work from home on the net ok!)... I've heard every comedy single on AOL Radio.

02 September 2004

And I'm Back

"I'm not gonna bash Bush, not tonight anyway, my girlfriend is outta town."

Or rather, hello.

Yes, tell the King to stop blubbing, cancel the state funeral, Gav is back!

Whilst away, I found my mind wandering to an old friend of mine from drama school, Julia Prague. Some might know her as the med student that had a go at Tony Blair on Newsnight around 6 months ago. One of her main points was that the binmen should pay for her education becuase she is studying to be a doctor and so will help them when she is ill. A cousin of mine had to stop studying physics (one of the subjects in dire need of more students) last year due to debt worries and is now working in Boots, a shocking example of how badly we need to abolish tutition fees too.

Anyway, my mind is wandering (I'm listening to Robin Williams at the moment), so, my main point is, how much would it cost to fund all student doctors in England and Wales? Well, there were 6,030 enrolled in medicine in 2003 so, with tution fees for 2004/05 set at £1,150, it would cost just £6,934,500 a year to wipe out all tution fees for all medical students. Or, to put it another way, 0.025% of the amount we spent on defence in the spending period 2003-04 according to the Treasury.

Anyway, strange thoughts come to you on holiday...