23 August 2004


I'm on holiday from today until 1st September. During this period I will be sunning myself on the beautiful island of Menorca. Please feel free to email me during this time and say how amazing I am. Alternatively, if you actually know me, you'll know that I'm not amazing, so still email me about anything, just might take a while to respond.

PS. Has anyone seen my towel?

21 August 2004


Saw this one in The Indie today:

Physicists last year accuraly measured how the universe is composed. They found that only 4 per cent is visible atoms, with the rest being mysterious dark matter and dark energy - neither of which can be seen.
Hmmm... Right guys. What you mean is you don't know what the other 96% is and you wanted to create a snazzy name for it. These guys assert that there is no God (there isn't, don't worry, get over it), then expect us to believe in a "missing" 96% of the universe? Riiiiiiigggggghhhhhhttttt... And they said physicists don't smoke weed.

20 August 2004

Yet Another Shameless Plug

Yep, yet another shameless plug.. Well, it is August, not much else to blog about. Just had to put this link up about a Space Elevator. It's from h2g2 (HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy - the movie version, by the way, is being filmed 5 minutes down the road at Borehamwood/Elstree Film Studios) which offers many informative entries written by members of the public on all sorts of topics. My personal favourite is on Alfresco Sex, but I'm a pervert.

17 August 2004

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

Londoner's Diary in yesterday's Evening Standard berated William Hague for having a go at Cherie Blair's decision to become an after-dinner speaker in his News of the World column. It "revealed" that he is also a speaker and even has the same agent as Cherie. Thankfully, News of the World need not have read the Evening Standard to find this out, William Hague told them in the column... In fact, in the same article!

09 August 2004

A Jab in the Arm

Sometimes I wonder whether the drug companies and the Government like spoiling for a fight.
Whilst the debate over MMR rumbles on (a group of parents are due to appear in court soon to argue that MMR is responsible for their childs' autism), the Government has announced a new five-in-one immunisation jab for babies. Naturally, parent's groups have come out against the plan.
One wonders how long it will take for this jab to be linked to negative developments in later life for children.

Shameless Plug

Not that I'm in this or anything, but just wanted to post a Shamless Plug for Team America
Definitely one to see when it hits the UK.

05 August 2004

Crap Joke

Jim Davidson and Jimmy Carr are involved in a dispute over a joke.
I think the dispute should go like this
"It's yours."
"No it's yours"
But that's just my opinion.

03 August 2004


A new movie, Outfoxed, has opened in the US, "revealing" Fox News doesn't report matter in a fair and balanced manner.
Another contender for the "No-Shit Sherlock Award"? This stuff is hardly revelationary is it? Hell, The Simpsons were taking the mick out of Fox News for this years ago. Where's the real investigative journalism gone?

02 August 2004


From the "You couldn't make it up collection", comes this tasty nugget from the BBC. A police dog has died of a drug overdose according to our dear Auntie. Nothing funny about that of course (ironic though?). There worrying bit is "There were no drugs seized during the search, Lancashire Police said." Erm.... Could you run that one by me another time?