28 July 2004


The Health Services Watchdog, NICE, have ordered that people that harm themselves should receive the same treatment as others.
How satisfying that finally those who harm themselves will be able to experience the same delays and managerial incompetence in our National Health Service that all us regular Joes have gone through all these years.

18 July 2004

BNP are racist

The BBC have discovered that the BNP are racist.
I think we have a new contender for the "No-Shit Sherlock Award".

05 July 2004

Commuters Boycott the Greedy

Tube commuters are boycotting the network at last week's 24 hour walkout by the RMT Union.
How utterly despicable that commuters feel they should stop supporting a thoroughly decent and respectable group of workers when all they are rejecting is a pay increase of 3.5% and a reduction in working hours of two and a half hours. Remember that our comrades driving trains (a very hard and laborious job, sitting on your arse and pulling levers) are earning a miserly £32,656. I mean, it's hardly like the average wage is £24,740.

PS. Mr Bob Crow's Address: 5 La-La Lane, Fantasy Town, Up His Own Arse County, PR4T

01 July 2004

Ad Infinitum

And so it goes on and on forever and ever, amen.
Strange, but I thought it was the electorate who decided who would lead the country next or at the very least the Labour Party members.